Military (DOD)

At NSM Surveillance (NSMS), it is our passion for invention, and goal to equip the warfighters with the technology to precisely identify, locate and track long range threats, and engage the enemy. Read More >

Homeland Security (DHS)

Our homeland defense capabilities and solutions continue to grow to meet the ever changing security threats of the 21st century. Read More >

Federal Law Enforcement (DOJ)

NSMS has developed technologies to meet the needs of Federal Law Enforcement with a focus on covert/overt surveillance products, IP Video Recording and Management, wireless receive sites and transportable infrastructure. Read More >

Local Law Enforcement

Our small, self-contained covert surveillance products have been instrumental factors in fighting crime by providing decision-makers with critical real-time situational awareness. Read More >


NSMS has developed advanced surveillance solutions to meet the needs of critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR) security worldwide. It is our passion and goal to keep the nation’s most vital and valuable assets functioning smoothly and safely. Read More >

Welcome to NSM Surveillance

NSM Surveillance is a private company based in San Diego, CA, that provides state-of the-art surveillance solutions to the Law Enforcement, Federal Agency and Military communities. NSMS develops and integrates the most effective surveillance and sensor system solutions to provide situational awareness to the war fighter, the investigator, the commander and/or senior leadership to enable effective tactics and decision-making. Our solutions incorporate both owned IP and third party technology, including secure communications (microwave, satellite), mobile surveillance systems, command & control software and covert camera systems.

What’s New

Intelligence at the Edge

Take advantage of IP technology to provide innovative covert and overt smart sensors, intelligent video (IVA and CCTV) etc. to provide better intelligence and to extend and better secure the perimeter, buffer zones and critical assets.

  • Facial Recognition
  • Acoustics and Seismic Signaling
  • Cameras
  • Water Passage Protection
  • Access Control
  • E-fencing
  • Sensors to monitor infrastructure health
  • Infrastructure mapping and underground sensors
  • Recording at the Edge
Intelligence at the Core

Provide a comprehensive user interface that maximizes command and control (C2I and C4I) over various applications and devices. Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) integrates otherwise unconnected systems such as Radar, GIS, HR databases, Access Control, Communications Networks to improve situational awareness and increase operational intelligence.


Manage power in remote or confined spaces given the unique and often demanding requirements of our clients. This includes finding power from unusual places, reducing operating costs, increasing noise cancellation, prolonging battery life for both portable and embedded operations. This also includes creative solutions that minimize the need for power.


Optimize one-way and two-way video and data communications via multiple waveforms (e.g. 3G, 4G, OFDM and COFDM) using multiple methods (wireless, satellite, UAV), in particular wireless and broadband internet. (e.g. COFDM radios)


Use product features to camouflage, conceal or provide deception so that our offerings can’t be seen, looks like something other than what it is or fits easily into its surroundings. Hidden in plain sight. (e.g. periscope)


Provide methods for tracking and in certain cases managing assets. This includes the utilization of diversified antenna’s as well as RFID and other tracking capabilities. (e.g. tracking antenna of airborne transmitters)


Optimize the selection, packaging and positioning for use of cameras, illuminators and lenses under different field conditions including darkness, distance and environment. Finding practical applications for visible, ultraviolet and infrared light in lenses, lasers and mirrors and software enhancements to allow tracking and handoff from camera to camera .(e.g. Infrared cameras)


Provide easy-to-deploy surveillance solutions so that users can rapidly adapt to changing geographic, elevation and building density conditions. Components may include towers, masts, balloons, UAV’s for the purpose of surveillance, extending the secure perimeter and increasing actionable intelligence. (e.g. QuickMast)


Work on behalf of the client to match their requirements with products and to harness all information available from various systems into one, user friendly system. (e.g. Glendale, AZ)


Enhance surveillance through managing the positioning or velocity of a technology at the edge. This could include transforming the control signal or strengthening output motion etc. (e.g. camera pedestals, tracking antennas, masts)